SLI Shuttle launching by the end of the month

Written by Wil Harris

September 12, 2005 | 07:54

Tags: #6800 #7800 #gt #sli #sn26p

Companies: #nvidia #shuttle

The Shuttle SN26P, which features an nForce 4 SLI chipset and a chassis designed to support dual graphics cards, is going to be shipping by the end of September.

The SN26P was originally planned to ship with dual 6800GTs. However, since Nvidia have launched their latest line of 7800 cards, Shuttle went back and tweaked a couple of things to accommodate the latest boards. Whilst we're sure that 7800GTs will fit in, we're not yet sure if you'll be able to squeeze a pair of 7800GTXs - we certainly hope that will be the case.

We previewed the SN26P here, and thought it was rather funky.

The news comes from Digitimes, which also claims that, unlike original plans, Shuttle won't ship the graphics cards pre-installed - they will leave it up to systems integrators and the hardcore buyers to choose their own cards and get them installed.

To be honest, for an expert user, installing the cards isn't too tricky, as we found out. The choice to leave that integration to the consumer is good news for enthusiasts like us.

Look out for the SN26P on the virtual shelves of your favourite e-tailer very soon. In the meantime, discuss this latest update in the forums.
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