Shuttle gets glamorous

June 6, 2007 | 04:17

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Things might have been slow for our dear old XPC maker for the last six months, but now a whole plethora of chipsets have been released we are set to see a load of new Shuttles.

That’s not all though because the new G6 case gives the G-series a proper star studded make over.

Shuttle has incorporated a load of little "diamond like" plastic studs into the fascia, which offer an interesting and certainly unique look to the front of the case.

The two XPCs – the SN68PTG6 and the SG33G6 – use the Nvidia GeForce 7050PV and Intel G33 chipsets respectively. Both have HDCP compliant HDMI on-board, DTS Connect 7.1 surround sound, integrated WiFi, DDR2 and fingerprint recognition as standard. They are primarily aimed at the HTPC market, so it could certainly work for a family media centre, but it's not exactly a broad market to aim for.

Puzzled as to why Shuttle has effectively cut itself short, Rockson Chiang, Marketing division Manager pointed out Shuttle’s aim was to cover a broad market with many specific products.

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