AMD cuts prices of Socket 754 Semprons

Written by Tim Smalley

May 3, 2005 | 16:17

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Yesterday, AMD released new prices for its socket 754 Sempron processors. They went in to effect yesterday and the average price drop is in the region of 5 to 10%.

The price cuts are aimed to accelerate its K8 CPUs' adoption in the low-end sector of the market. Tier 1 motherboard manufacturers are expected to begin marketing Socket 754 K8 models with a Free On Board (FOB) price of less than 50 US dollars. This is a 5% price cut on current prices too.

At the top of the Sempron range, the Sempron 3100+ is down from US$114 to US$108 (when purchased in 1000-unit lots), a drop of 6%. However, the slowest Sempron on Socket 754, the 2600+, saw the biggest drop in price - down from US$78 to US$70 - a price cut of over 10%. You can see the full list of prices on AMD's homepage.

Socket A Semprons did not see quite the same price drops, with only the 2500+ and 2400+ receiving price cuts. Both were under 6%. AMD are really pushing Socket 754 forwards with its Sempron platform, such that a Sempron 3000+ on Socket 754 is only US$4 more expensive than the 2800+ on the ageing Socket A.

As we reported earlier this week, AMD are beginning to phase out Socket 754 Athlon 64 processors, with the last delivery date set at 25th September this year. The chip manfuacturers are mainly going to be marketing its Socket 939 Athlon 64 processors for the high-end and mainstream segments, while Socket 754 Semprons will occupy the low-end sector of the market.

Also, we have learnt that AMD's next socket is code named M2, and will have 1207 pins. The platform is set to be reach the market some time in 2006.
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