Sempron joins 64-bit party

Written by Tim Smalley

June 15, 2005 | 12:23

Tags: #a64 #athlon-64 #sempron #trustedreviews

Companies: #amd #intel

We have been wondering how long it would be before AMD introduced 64-bit compatibility in to its line of budget Sempron processors. Today, TrustedReviews have confirmation that this transition will commence very soon.

AMD have had 64-bit processors since the launch of the excellent K8 architecture back in September 2003 and some would say that they have taken longer than expected to implement 64-bit technology on to more business-orientated mainstream processors that everyone can afford.

It looks like the price barrier that has determined AMD's choice not to add 64-bit compatibility to the Sempron from day one has been broken down.

We don't think it will be long before Intel announce the introduction of 64-bit Celeron processors in the form of the Celeron D, as their roadmap states that 64-bit Celeron D's are estimated to appear in 'Mid 2005'. However, the exact shipping date for either processor remains unclear at the time of writing - all that we know is that 64-bit processors are to become very affordable in the very near future.

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