Samsung sees sense in next gen DVD war

Written by Jason Cundall

September 7, 2005 | 13:09

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The stand-off between the opposing next generation DVD standard camps continues - sometimes there are glimmers of hope of a unified spec, but then the combatants put the kybosh on it all and glower at each other again. But at least one member of the opposing standard cartels is finally seeing sense, and has announced that if no agreement can be reached between the warring parties, it'll just produce a dual format machine:

Samsung Electronics Co. will bring out a DVD machine next year capable of playing both Blu-ray and HD DVD if backers of the rival standards fail to agree on a unified format, a newspaper said.

Competition between the two camps has hampered the launch of the next generation of optical disks, which will have greater capacity and higher definition, as movie studios hesitate to commit to printing disks on either standard.

Samsung's head of consumer electronics, Choi Gee-sung, told the Financial Times Deutschland: "We would welcome a unified standard but if this doesn't come, which looks likely, we'll bring a unified solution to market."

More from Reuters here

Now, if everyone involved took this tack, they're wouldn't be a problem. All the parties involved would sell the machines, and the Studios wouldn't have to worry about backing the loosing horse, as anyone who had a next gen machine would be able to play those HD re-releases regardless.

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