ATI's partners slip Radeon X550 out

Written by Tim Smalley

June 6, 2005 | 19:32

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Last week, while we were out at Computex, there were a number of products that were released without a great deal of publicity attached to them. One of these was the Radeon X550 series video card that several of ATI’s board partners were showing off on their stands.

One such board partner was GeCube. They were showing off their implementation of the Radeon X550 video card, which is set to replace the Radeon X300 and X600 series. We understand that the GPU is manufactured on TSMC’s 0.11-micron FAB process – the same process that is used on the Radeon X300 series.

We understand that the video cards will feature ATI’s HyperMemory technology along with 256MB of local frame buffer. The cards will be clocked at 400/500MHz for the standard version of the X550, but GeCube are also introducing an X550 ‘Ultra’, which will have a higher memory clock of 600MHz.

The GPU will feature four pixel pipelines, two vertex shader engines and a 128-bit memory interface. There will be no support for Pixel Shader 2.0b, much like the Radeon X300 and X600 series, and it will take the same basic form as both of those GPUs.

We also believe that there will be another, slower version of the card released in the near future, known as the Radeon X550 SE. This part will have the same clocks as the Radeon X550, but will only have a 64-bit memory bus. The card will be low profile, making it a good candidate for the Home Theatre PC. Speaking of which, the X550 series has full support for HDTV resolutions, and bundles will include a HDTV dongle.

The Radeon X300 HyperMemory series video cards will still be available, but the higher priced parts, such as the Radeon X300 and X600 parts not featuring HyperMemory technology, will be phased out and replaced by the X550 series over the next few weeks.

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