Radeon X1900GT already for sale

Written by Tim Smalley

May 2, 2006 | 10:43

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ATI's soon to be launched Radeon X1900GT is already for sale at online retailers in the US.

We did a search for X1900GT on Shopping.com's US portal, and found the card in stock at Dell (twice!) and also AxionTech.com. Dell Small Business lists the card at just under $370, while AxionTech is listing the card at $379.

Taking those prices as an indication, it should mean that the X1900GT will sell for around £250 including VAT in the UK - that fits right in line with the price of NVIDIA's GeForce 7900 GT.

AxionTech go as far as listing the specifications of the new part. The Radeon X1900GT is - not surprisingly - based on a cut-down version of ATI's high-end R580 chip.

It comes with 36 pixel shader processors, 8 vertex shaders and 256MB of GDDR3. The retailer also listed the Radeon X1900GT's clock speeds, too - it'll be clocked at 575/1200MHz.

This looks like ATI's replacement for the now end-of-life Radeon X1800XT. Launch date is not confirmed at the time of publication, but we suspect that it isn't far away if cards are already for sale.

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