R600 launch will be top-to-bottom

Written by Tim Smalley

March 6, 2007 | 17:17

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In an interview with ExtremeTech, Dave Orton, former CEO of ATI and now Vice President of Visual and Media Businesses at AMD, has confirmed that the company's upcoming R600 family of graphics processors will launch top-to-bottom.

Just a couple of weeks ago, AMD announced that R600's launch would be delayed until the second quarter, but didn't really go into much detail as to why it was delayed.

Many believed that something had gone drastically wrong, but Orton explained that this wasn't the case. "In fact, our mainstream chips are in 65nm and are coming out extremely fast. Because of that configuration, we have an interesting opportunity to come to market with a broader range of products.

"Instead of having them separate, we thought, lets line that up, so we delayed for several weeks," he added.

Details of AMD's lower end DirectX 10 offerings are quite scarce at the moment, but AMD says that R600 will be known as Radeon X2900-series and will launch with XTX, XT and XL variants. There's no release date yet, but AMD was clear that the card was a matter of weeks away. We'll bring you more as and when we get it.

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