Quake 4 supports X-Fi

Written by Wil Harris

November 3, 2005 | 14:24

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Companies: #creative

Creative have been in contact with us to let us know the details of the X-Fi support within top new shooter, Quake 4.

X-Fi, which we reviewed here, supports all sorts of funky new sound features including 64MB of on-board RAM.

Quake 4 supports:
X-RAM: Certain sounds and music is decoded and then stored in the X-RAM
so it doesn't have to be done on the fly when the game is playing. Result should be faster frame rate.

OpenAL: Faster access between the game and the audio hardware (bypassing the layers of Windows which DirectSound has to pass through). Result should be faster frame rate.

EAX 5.0: Some features of EAX 5.0 are supported, meaning you will get a more intimate audio experience on X-Fi. We're awaiting details as to which features, specifically, are supported.

It looks like Quake 4 is the first of a number of games that are going to be supporting X-Fi. Are you tempted to grab yourself X-Fi after checking out our review? Let us know your thoughts on the hardware, and Quake 4 support, in the News Forum.
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