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February 20, 2007 | 07:19

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Ever read one of our reviews and thought "I like the sound of that. I wonder who can do me a deal?" Tired of visiting loads of websites to find the cheapest price for that new bit of hardware that you just have to have?

We sure were, so today we are launching a new service that will allow you to compare prices at dozens of online retailers with just a few clicks. We're calling it (wait for it) - Shopping!

Our database of over 100,000 products is divided into easy-to-browse categories so you can find what you want quickly. Fancy a new 24" LCD monitor? Our favourite BenQ FP241W reviewed back in November was £670 at the time of review. It's now under £600!

Fancy a new LCD TV? There are over 200 to choose from. The most popular models are listed first but you can quickly and easily add a few filters to narrow the choice. 1080p greater than 59" inches? No problem sir. How about a 65-inch Sharp Aquos LC-65GD1E for two grand off? Shopping is still in its infancy - we have a lot of super cool features planned. It's a competitive market so we don't want to tip our hat too early but suffice to say that Shopping 2.0 is in development and raises the bar even further. We will also be integrating real-time pricing into our reviews very soon, loading the very latest pricing for the product you are reading about.

Readers on both sides of The Pond are catered for: Brits can shop in Sterling while our esteemed allies in the War on High Prices can compare all the big US retailers at a glance.

As always, we welcome reader feedback. If you have any ideas for funky new features, or if there are any bugs you need to report, we have a dedicated forum thread or you can use the contact details on the About page.

Happy Shopping!
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