AGEIA's PhysX PPU delayed

Written by Wil Harris

December 5, 2005 | 13:29

Tags: #bfg #delay #physx #playstation-3 #ppu #unreal-engine-3

Companies: #ageia #asus

The Inquirer is reporting that the much-anticipated PhysX physics processor from AEGIA has been delayed until the new year.

The first boards with the technology, from Asus and BFG, were due out before Christmas. Although the cards are ready, it seems that the firm has chosen to hold them back because not enough games currently support the technology.

Bet on Soldier has support, but it's not exactly a showcase. The upcoming Unreal Engine 3 will have support for the technology (and the engine is being used for a lot of games) but that's not due out for a few months yet.

The technology will also be employed in the PlayStation3, which may give it a boost up in terms of game support. AEGIA claims that plenty of support for the chip has been promised, but the games just aren't quite finished yet.

Expect to see the chip in February or March, the Inq boys suggest.

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