Zenimax, parent company of Id Software, has confirmed it is planning to go after anyone using technology it claims virtual reality company Oculus VR misappropriated by filing suit against licensee Samsung over its Oculus-powered Gear VR headset.

When Id Software co-founder John Carmack left the Zenimax-owned company to work for Facebook's Oculus VR, his former paymaster watched closely. In May 2014 it struck, alleging Carmack had taken trade secrets and other IP to Oculus VR, then followed by suing the company. While Zenimax' experts alleged perjury during the trial, the companies claims were only partly upheld by a jury which found evidence of copyright infringement but not of theft of trade secrets in February this year.

On the back of the partial victory, Zenimax appears to be going after anyone using Oculus VR's technology. In a document filed in Texas this month and discovered by Polygon, Zenimax has issued suit against Samsung Electronics over the company's Gear VR headset. Announced back in September 2014, Samsung's Gear VR uses Oculus technology to turn selected models from the company's Galaxy smartphone range into a portable virtual reality headset. It's this technology, Zenimax claims, which is based on copyrighted material developed by Carmack while at Id Software, and the company is asking for damages, royalties, and injunctive relief which could extend to a ban on the sales of Gear VR hardware until a royalty payment scheme is put in place.

Thus far, Samsung has not publicly commented on the case.
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