Tt eSports announces Cherry MX-compatible MetalCaps

July 10, 2014 | 10:53

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Peripherals specialist TT eSports, a sub-brand of Thermaltake, has announced the launch of metal key-caps for its Cherry MX switch-based mechanical keyboards, and those from other manufacturers.

One of the biggest draws of mechanical keyboards based on Cherry MX mechanical switches, aside from their satisfying feel, is that they are easily modified. The famous cruciform design of the Cherry MX switch stem is friction-fitted to the plastic keys themselves, which can be easily removed and replaced with different designs. Although not all keyboards are as easy to modify as others - the use of different layouts that alter the size of the modifier keys or space bar can make life difficult - it's a rare mechanical keyboard enthusiast who hasn't at least tried a few after-market key-caps.

Now, Tt eSports is getting in on the act. The company has announced the launch of MetalCaps, zinc alloy key-caps designed to offer an eye-catching appearance and more premium finger-feel than traditional plastic variants. The MetalCaps will be launched in four retail packs: one featuring the W, A, S, D and Escape keys; one featuring the Q, W, E, R and Escape keys; one featuring the arrow and Escape keys; and one 38-key-cap bundle featuring the letter, punctuation, arrow and Escape keys. Thus far, the company has not announced plans to offer a complete key-set for any of its keyboards.

The MetalCaps are to go on sale this month in the US, Taiwan and Germany at a recommended retail price of $19.99 (around £12 excluding taxes) for the five-cap sets and $69.99 (around £41 excluding taxes) for the 38-cap set. A UK launch has been promised to follow shortly with pricing yet to be confirmed, but the sets are expected to be priced similarly to those from rival metal key-cap manufacturers including MKC.
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