SteelSeries acquires Nahimic audio software maker

Written by Jennifer Allen

April 8, 2020 | 13:00

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SteelSeries has acquired A-Volute, developer of the Nahimic audio software, which could mean an improved audio range for the firm.

Announced via the SteelSeries site, the deal means that the Danish firm, SteelSeries, now owns one of the leading names in audio at the moment. It's suggested that this is a move towards improving its already established Arctis series of gaming headsets, expanding its reach in peripherals and making it more competitive in future.

Over the past couple of decades, SteelSeries has grown from strength to strength via multiple product launches including its Arctis line of PC headsets, mice, keyboards, mousepads, and controllers. It also has a decent reputation for popular branding such as World of Warcraft branded gaming mice. 

In the past, A-Volute's Nahimic Audio has been championed by the likes of Gigabyte and MSI, being a key part of gaming motherboards and laptops. Its audio software allows users to make various audio enhancements and adjustments via a control panel application. The app allows for features such as virtual surround sound mixing, as well as audio equalisation settings including bass, treble, and voice when used in conjunction with a microphone. Crucially, it's as complicated as you want to make it, ensuring it's an ideal app for everyone keen to tweak how games sound to them. 

It's expected that SteelSeries will integrate Nahimic Audio features into its SteelSeries Engine audio software platform for gamers. That means greater audio control and customisation for its users. Granted, SteelSeries hasn't gone into detail about what exactly this means other than citing how 'everyone...can enjoy the Arctis audio experience to the fullest'. It's worth noting that the Arctis Pro headset has a GameDAC which may well be a key part of how Nahimic Audio will be integrated. 

If you're keen to know more about the nitty gritty behind the deal, well, prepare to be disappointed. No financial details have been offered just yet although that may change when the deal closes later this Spring. 

As an aside, SteelSeries is conducting a special promotion of 20 percent off any Arctis headset until Monday 13th April if you use the NAHIMIC20 promo code. A small but potentially insightful nod towards SteelSeries's plans to shake up what it currently offers.

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