Roccat unveils Isku FX Multicolour Gaming Keyboard

December 10, 2012 | 10:56

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Peripherals specialist Roccat has unveiled its latest creation, the Isku FX Multicolour Gaming Keyboard for those who find traditional back-lit keyboards a little lacking in customisation options.

The headlining feature of the Roccat Isku FX is, as its name suggests, the backlighting system. Although keyboards with backlit keys, which shine up through an etched keycap surface, are pretty mainstream these days, Roccat has decided to go a step further by adding six levels of brightness and completely customisable colour schemes. Using a set of RGB LEDs, Roccat claims the keyboard supports a user-configurable choice of 16.8 million colours.

Being colourful is one thing, but Roccat's Isku FX has other features the company would like to highlight. As a gaming keyboard, there's the usual claims of an anti-ghosting 1,000MHz polling engine with a 1ms response time, medium-height keys for more rapid response, integrated cable channels to keep the desk neat and tidy, and eight media and hot keys. The keyboard also includes three 'Thumbster' keys, accessed below the spacebar, and three EasyShift[+] zones configurable through software for up to 36 macro functions.

Roccat's Talk and Talk FX features are also included, allowing the system to vary its backlight colours and brightness according to on-screen action - pulsing red when you're hit, for example - as well as communicate with other Roccat Talk-compatible peripherals like the company's gaming mice, a feature shared by the year-old Roccat Isku. The USB-connected keyboard also includes five user-configurable hot-swap profiles, with dedicated on-device LEDs to indicate which profile is active, along with separate LEDs for caps lock, number lock, and Easy Shift[+] functions - although not, oddly, for scroll lock.

Rounding the Isku FX's feature set out is a set of lock-on keyboard feet for adjusting the height and angle of the system and an extra-large integrated wrist rest for improved comfort.

UK pricing for the Roccat Isku FX has yet to be confirmed, with the company setting a pan-European recommended retail price of €99.99 (around £80.52 excluding taxes.) More information is available on the company's official website.
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