Razer announces OSVR HDK v1.3 headset

September 7, 2015 | 12:32

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Peripherals specialist Razer has announced a pre-order date for its latest Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) headset, albeit in developer-kit form, with the promise of boosted image quality.

One of a raft of virtual reality headsets heading to market later this year and early 2016, the OSVR has a twist: Razer is developing the headset as a full platform and allowing companies to join the OSVR consortium and build their own. Since its launch back in January, the OSVR project has gained numerous members including most recently Intel with its RealSense object-tracking camera technology. As with its rivals in the market, though, availability of actual hardware has been poor, and even with the announcement of a new revision Razer is warning that the system is better suited to developers than end-users.

The OSVR Hacker Development Kit (HDK) v1.3, Razer claims, represents a significant improvement over its previous designs. Chief among these is the inclusion of a new optics module, which expands the eyebox to boost image sharpness and remove the need for independent adjustment lenses. The new lens system also includes individual eye focus, specially designed for users who wear corrective lenses. The hardware improvements are joined by software tweaks, including a render manager claimed to provide low-latency rendering on any OSVR-compatible device but currently featuring support only for Nvidia's Gameworks VR platform.

Pre-orders for the OSVR HDK v1.3 open on the 1st of October, priced at $299.99 - a significant premium over the $199.99 price Razer had originally targeted for the project.
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