The gaming arm of increasingly-diversified Razer has announced the launch of a new family of wireless gaming headsets, dubbed Nari, which include 'HyperSense' haptic feedback drivers produced by engineering firm Lofelt - in the most expensive model, at least.

Lofelt, as its name suggests, specialises in audio-to-haptic devices: Taking in an audio signal, the company's products produce haptic feedback in the form of deeper vibrations - literally meaning the user has 'felt' the 'lo'w frequency signals. Razer's Nari takes this technology and integrates it into a wireless gaming headset family under its in-house 'HyperSense' brand - claiming considerably improved immersion in games, films, and music.

'Lofelt is committed to raising the standard for haptic feedback to match the high-quality audio and video we're used to in today’s devices,' claims Daniel Büttner, chief executive officer at Lofelt. 'Teaming up with Razer is an incredible opportunity for us to demonstrate the value of the cutting-edge technology we developed. I'm thrilled we are at the forefront of realising the true potential of advanced haptics and can't wait for gamers to level up their gameplay with the Razer Nari Ultimate featuring haptics by Lofelt.'

The haptic feedback works through the use of specialised drivers which 'generate multidimensional haptic feedback featuring stereo capabilities for enhanced positional awareness,' further improved by the use of THX Spatial Audio - first introduced in Razer's Kraken Tournament Edition headset. Those looking for the haptic feedback functionality, though, will be disappointed to find it's not universal to the Nari family: Only the Nari Ultimate comes with Lofelt drivers; the Nari and Nari Essential, the mid- and entry-level models respectively, do not.

'Razer consistently creates products with innovative technology to give gamers the best gaming experience possible,' boasts Razer co-founder and chief executive Min-Liang Tan of his company's creations. 'With the Razer Nari Ultimate, we are championing a whole new way for gamers to feel their games through Razer HyperSense.'

The Razer Nari Ultimate has been priced at £199.99, with the Razer Nari, lacking the Lofelt drivers but otherwise matched in capabilities including built-on Razer Chroma lighting and cooling gel ear cushions, priced at £149.99 and the entry-level Razer Nari Essential, which drops the lighting, comfort ear pads, and features smaller 40mm drivers to its more expensive brethren's 50mm, at £99.99 (all inc. VAT).

More information is available on the Razer store.

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