Nanoxia launches Ncore Retro mechanical keyboard

December 7, 2016 | 10:54

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Nanoxia has announced the launch of a keyboard the design of which is sure to prove divisive: the Victorian era typewriter-inspired Ncore Retro.

While not the first mechanical keyboard to boast typewriter-style keys, Nanoxia's Ncore Retro looks set to be one of the cheapest. Based on Kaihl White switches, offering a 50cN actuation force and a tactile feedback designed to mimic that of Cherry's popular MX Blue family, the keyboard is designed to be both eye-catching and practical: The company promises switchable six-key and n-key rollover, a locking Super key, and twelve multimedia function keys.

It's the keycaps that are the primary selling point of the Ncore Retro, of course. True to its name, the caps are inspired by typewriter keys from the Victorian era: each features a rounded, rather than square, design with white-on-black leather-like coverings surrounded by a slightly raised chrome frame. As you would expect from a mechanical keyboard the caps are also removable and can be repositioned at will, though Nanoxia has not announced plans to sell the caps separately for users to add on to existing keyboards.

The Ncore Retro's remaining features comprise a USB connection, a choice of UK ISO, US ANSI, and German QWERTZ layouts, switchable WASD/arrow functionality, and water resistance. The keyboard is promised to be available in the retail channel by the end of the week, with German customers able to order the boards from today priced at €109.99 (around £94 including taxes).

More information is available on the company's official product page.
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