Mad Catz begins shipping next-gen Rat mouse family

October 18, 2016 | 10:22

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Peripherals maker Mad Catz has announced the official launch of its next-generation Rat gaming mice, first teased by the company back in August.

The wholly upgraded Rat family now comprises the Rat¹, Rat⁴, Rat⁶, Rat⁸, RatPro 8+, and RatPro X+, all of which will henceforth be written without the superscript styling owing to how annoying it is to both type and read. In each case, the mice include a new generation of sensor which is claimed to improve reaction time and motion tracking over the sensor engines driving their predecessors. The bodies, too, have been tweaked to improve comfort and customisation options, continuing the long-running Rat theme of highly adjustable panels suitable for varying hand sizes and grip styles.

The new Rat range also features Mad Catz' Kameleon RGB system, using integrated RGB LEDs under software control to allow 16.8 million different colours and effects. This is programmed using the bundled Flux software interface, which also allows the user to change the varying settings of the sensor and program the macro buttons found on each mouse.

'The steady increment of features and performance throughout the new range, from the Rat 1 all the way to the Rat Pro X+, provides gamers and enthusiasts of all levels a choice of peripherals to match the level and overall sophistication of their gaming rig,' crowed Andrew Young, chief technology officer at Mad Catz, of the new mice. 'Whether it’s button switch life, sensor capability, programmable features, on-board memory or RGB lighting, the new range of Rat products proudly continues Mad Catz' tradition of bringing together the best materials and components, highest level of engineering and latest technologies to deliver the key features, precision and customisation that gamers seek.'

The base-level Rat 1, Rat 4, Rat 6, and Rat 8 mice are shipping now, Mad Catz has confirmed, with the higher-end Rat Pro 8+ and Rat Pro X+ due to launch before the end of the year. More information is available on the official product page.
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