Filco launches the Majestouch 2S Metal SUS keyboard

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September 30, 2021 | 11:00

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Filco has revamped its most luxurious keyboard to mark its 30th anniversary. The new Majestouch 2S Metal SUS keyboard makes refinements to the 15-year-old Majestouch Metal design, and is available for pre-order now direct from Diatec Japan (with English or Japanese keycaps, and choice of Cherry MX switches), with shipments starting from 12th October.

Above you can see important elements of the evolution of the Filco Majestouch design. The first graphic pairing shows that the new design is significantly deeper, which increases wrist rest comfort. Dimensions of the new keyboard are 450 x 280 x 50mm. Secondly, Filco has upgraded the construction to all-stainless steel rather than using an aluminium base with steel top plate. The second image also provides a glance at the sturdy but granular height adjustment mechanism.

Filco says that it has used 1.6mm thick SUS430HL for the lower case and 2mm thick SUS304HL stainless steel for the top plate. From some angles, you can see the gentle dip in the top plate as it nears the user, for ergonomic purposes. You can get mats from Filco to fit on this expanse of steel. Round the back is a sturdy stainless steel handle for you to easily cart this 4.4kg keyboard around. Users are warned to pick up this keyboard by the sides…

If you can't achieve an appealing typing angle with the supplied screw feet, Filco has an optional base kit which increases the maximum height of the back of the keyboard from 67mm to 103mm. Be aware that this also increases the height of the front of the keyboard to some degree.

Considering the inner workings of this keyboard, you can buy it in English or Japanese languages and with choice of Cherry MX brown axis / red axis / silver axis for Japanese, and Cherry MX brown axis / blue axis / red axis / silver axis for English. Filco has selected PBT 2-color moulding 2-tone colour keycaps which are usually durable. I would have liked to see any kind of backlighting for darkened room use, but Filco has only added LEDs for a trio of (caps, num, and scroll) lock indicators.

Users can connect the Majestouch 2S Metal SUS to their computer via the supplied USB cable or PS/2 converter in the box. I'd have liked to have seen the keyboard side connection to the side rather than inside the carry handle area.

As a pre-order bonus, Filco is supplying the new Majestouch 2S Metal SUS keyboard with free bundled base elevation kits and wrist wrest mats (usually about £18 each). The 2mm thick mat fits the expanse of stainless steel in front of the dip perfectly, and has a soft recycled polyolefin resin top, with urethane foam pad.

As mentioned in the intro, the Filco Majestouch 2S Metal SUS keyboard is available from 12th Oct, priced at the equivalent of GBP£250. I'm not sure about ordering and delivery to Europe or the UK, though.

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