Corsair releases premium Virtuoso RGB Wireless gaming headsets

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September 26, 2019 | 14:00

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Corsair has today launched a new range of gaming headsets starting with the flagship Virtuoso RGB Wireless, available in regular RGB form (£150) or a special-edition (SE) model with improved lighting, enhanced microphone, and travel pouch (£180).

The Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE features an aluminium frame finished in a gunmetal grey to contrast with the black band and articulated sides.

Inside, Corsair uses what it terms as custom 50mm drivers capable of delivering a 20Hz-40,000Hz response, matching what's on offer from other premium solutions. What sets the SE apart from the regular Virtuoso is subtle, micro-perforated RGB lighting on the aluminium earcup exterior (controllable of course by the company's iCUE software), as well as a 9.5mm omni-directional, high-bandwidth microphone; the regular Virtuoso lacks the striking aluminium design and uses a 4mm mic instead.

Being a gamer-first headset first and foremost, Virtuoso connects to the host PC or console via either wired USB, wireless through Corsair’s Slipstream 2.4GHz Wi-Fi technology (dongle included), or wired via a standard 3.5mm audio port. Bluetooth, however has not been included on the list of possible means of connection.

The lithium-ion batteries bolster the weight up to 360g, and they’re said to be good for 20 hours’ usage from a single charge, representing a good weekend of gaming. Charging is handled by the onboard USB Type-C port, with the supplied 1.5m-long braided cable terminating in the more universal Type-A connector.

Corsair says that each pair of drivers is hand-selected and matched to within +/-1dB of tolerance. 7.1-channel virtual surround, meanwhile, is supported for the PC via iCUE, and the software can also be used to customise the EQ and obtain a sound signature that best suits your ears.

Capable of delivering high-res sound and featuring a striking design that’s a clear departure from previous premium Corsair gaming headsets, the Virtuoso marks a new in-house style that ought to be appreciated by headphone purists and the discerning gamer alike.

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