Corsair launches K63 Cherry MX Red compact gaming keyboard

March 17, 2017 | 11:42

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Corsair has announced the launch of a new tenkeyless compact gaming keyboard, the Cosair K63, available exclusively with Cherry MX Red mechanical switches.

Designed, the company claims, for gamers running on compact desktops or looking for a keyboard they can take with them when they're on the move, the Corsair K63 is nevertheless designed to tick the boxes you'd expect from a budget-friendly mechanical keyboard. The compact tenkeyless design uses responsive Cherry MX Red switches for every key, backed by per-key LED lighting - though only in a single colour, red, rather than the customisable RGB lighting of higher-end keyboards.

The upper level of the keyboard includes dedicated media keys as well as a brightness toggle and a key to lock out the Super (Windows) modifier key - preventing it from dropping you out of a full-screen game due to an accidental press. The keyboard, naturally, connects via USB, but Corsair claims includes full anti-ghosting and N-key rollover - something many USB keyboards lack, being able to detect only a handful of simultaneous key-presses before ignoring additional inputs.

To further endear the device to gamers, Corsair has included compatibility with its Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) software to assign custom macros to any key and dynamically control the per-key backlighting. The keyboard weighs 1.12kg overall and measures 365mm by 171mm with a 41mm height.

Corsair has set pricing for the K63 at £79.99 including VAT, £5 higher than its previous Vengeance K65 which includes the same tenkeyless layout and Cherry MX Red switches but lacks the LED lighting, with more information available on the official products page.
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