Corsair announces Scimitar RGB Elite gaming mouse

Written by Jennifer Allen

February 18, 2020 | 11:00

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Corsair has announced a new gaming mouse - the Scimitar RGB Elite - and it offers more than enough programmable buttons for many players.

Aimed at MOBA and MMO players, the Scimitar RGB Elite offers an impressive sounding 17 programmable buttons. Corsair's thinking is that it's ideal for gamers who need to be able to access shortcuts and macros at a tap of a button. On the side are 12 programable buttons laid out in a way that looks a lot like someone bolted a security keypad to the side of the mouse. The remaining buttons are located in other intuitive positions so you never have to stretch your hand too far to tap them. 

The mouse also uses Corsair's Key Slider control system which means you can reposition this side button cluster 8mm forward or backwards so it feels just right in your hand. It also utilises a 18,000 DPI optical sensor even if it does seem quite unlikely you'd ever need to be that precise. Still, there are plenty of settings that mean you can get it comfortably just so before you embark on an intense gaming session. 

The Scimitar RGB Elite also uses Omron switches that are click-rated to 50 million so this should be a mouse that lasts. And, as the name suggests, you can customise 4 RGB lighting zones on the mouse so that, presumably, your night time playing still looks rather stylish. It can also be synchronised with all other iCUE-compatible devices for those users who have become really hooked on the RGB lighting idea.

More practically, the same Corsair software offers up sensitivity adjustments including single DPI steps and calibration depending on the surface you use. 

On that note, Corsair is using this time to also introduce the Corsair MM500 3XL Anti-Fray mouse pad which is supposedly everything you could ever want from a mouse pad, right down to offering anti-skid technology. It's massive at 1220mm x 610mm so you can place your mouse, keyboard, monitor, and mostly everything else on it. We're not sure why you'd want to place things like your monitor on there, but the option is there if skidding is a big deal for you. Ultimately, it is just a massive mouse pad that's priced at £39.99 directly from Corsair.

Meanwhile, the Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite is priced at £74.99 which seems a bit more reasonable for a mouse with so many buttons to program. 

Both are available to purchase now. 

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