Cherry launches new MX Speed gaming switch

April 22, 2016 | 08:31

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Switch specialist Cherry has announced a rare new entry in its MX keyboard switch family, boasting the company's smallest actuation point yet: the Cherry MX Speed.

Also known as the Cherry MX Silver, the MX Speed switch is - as the name suggests - optimised for speed. The switch's actuation point - the distance it has to be depressed in order to register as a keypress - is a mere 1.2mm on an actuation force of 45cN, which is considerably higher than Cherry's previous speed-switch the MX Red at 2mm. The result: a key which responds faster, albeit at the risk of registering accidental keypresses where a longer switch would reject the mistake.

The company is, unsurprisingly, positioning the Cherry MX Speed as an alternative to the MX Red, both for gamers and for 'fast and frequent typists.' The switch will be made available in two variants, with an integrated lens for back-lit keyboards and a standard cover without. The company has once again signed an exclusivity deal for the part, picking Corsair as the launch partner and preventing any other company from launching keyboards based on the switch for the first six months.

For its part, launch partner Corsair has confirmed it is to offer the Cherry MX Speed in its K65 RGB, K70, and K70 RGB gaming keybords as an alternative to the Cherry MX Red, with no impact on pricing.
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