Cherry launches new MX RGB Nature White switch

November 11, 2015 | 11:46

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Mechanical switch giant Cherry has announced the launch of a new switch type, offering an experience somewhere between the MX Black and MX Red: the Cherry MX RGB Nature White.

Continuing Cherry's colour-themed product differentiation scheme, the MX RGB Nature White is designed to offer a linear experience without a noticeable pressure point and with a trigger force of around 55 grams. This places the new switch somewhere between the MX Black, one of the company's oldest designs offering a 60g trigger force, and the popular gaming switch Cherry MX Red, with a 45g trigger force. Naturally, the use of a Black or Red style linear design means there's no loud click nor tactile feedback from the switch, unless the heavy-handed typist bottoms out.

Given the 'RGB' in its name, there's no surprise to find a transparent casing on the MX RGB Nature White. Featuring an integrated lens common to all RGB models, the switch is designed to be paired with a surface-mount LED - either single-colour or, as the name suggests, many-colour - on the keyboard's circuit board. When positioned over the LED the lens and transparent body work to scatter the light, offering increased brightness and even spread compared to the traditional method of having through-hole LEDs sticking up through the switch body.

In case you're wondering about the slightly unusual name: Cherry once offered an MX White, a tactile-style switch with clicky feedback, which has since been discontinued; the 'Nature' part of its latest product launch is to differentiate between the two, with the company somewhat oddly claiming that it also pushes its 'natural-looking properties to the foreground.'

Cherry has confirmed that it has signed a timed exclusive with noted keyboard maker Ducky, which will be the first to offer the MX RGB Nature White in its Shine-5 keyboard.
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