Asetek enters game controller market with SimSports series

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September 16, 2021 | 11:21

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Asetek has entered the Sim Racing hardware market. The PC liquid cooling specialist looks like it is investing big in this segment, and you can hear more about the longer terms goals of Asetek SimSports in a video interview with its founder and CEO. Its first sim gaming controller product is the Invicta Sim Racing Pedals, with optional (clutch) expansion pedal.

As you can see from the main image, the Invicta Pedals include a throttle and a brake pedal in one unit, to which you can add an optional clutch pedal. Overall, the first product for this market sees suitably well-made and premium. Sim gamers are usually more mature, so can have a better level of disposable income to put into their hobby.

Key features of the Invicta Sim Racing Pedals, according to Asetek are as follows:

  • Unique Twin Hydraulic Opposing Rapid Pistons (T.H.O.R.P) brake system (Patent pending) - designed to bring ultimate immersion to sim racers
  • Brake pedal hardness and travel can be adjusted from a softer arcade feeling with extended travel to a formula car mode hard pedal with minimal travel and true car feeling
  • Clutch simulates a real-world clutch and is designed to provide a proper physical bite point to feel like a real racecar
  • Customizable and configurable ARGB lighting that can be controlled with RaceHub software or turned off
  • Foot plates inspired by real racecars and real racecar driving
  • All aluminium pedal base with integrated heel stop, foot plates and pedal arms mounted with ball bearings for extended life and smooth operation
  • RaceHub software that enables quick and easy customization of the Invicta pedals’ settings. This includes calibration of the clutch bite point, dead zones, throttle curves, and updating firmware simply and efficiently. Support for future Asetek SimSports products
  • Tried and tested for hundreds of hours by real-world Formula and GT drivers and sim racing pros. Lifetime tested in automated mechanical rigs for many thousands of activations
  • Designed and manufactured/assembled in Denmark

The sturdy and adaptable hardware and RaceHub software combination sounds promising, as do control refinements such as the 'bite' of the clutch pedal. All these little things help with sim gaming immersion, and enjoyment.

You might be thinking that these pedals are all well and good, but where are the other racing components you might usually grab to put together a full setup? Not to worry, Asetek SimSports promises "wheelbases, steering wheels, shifters, and other end-user customization options," in the wake of the release of the Invicta pedals in Q4 2021. These pedals too, are going to get more options – with soft pedal plates being offered as an option for show-less sim gamers.

If you are very interested in these pedals and other things to come from Asetek SImSports it is probably worth looking out for highlights from the ADAC SimRacing Expo (Nürburgring, Germany)  which takes place this Friday and Saturday. Asetek SImSports will be showing off its wares there and might, who knows, show some of its so far unannounced sim gamer bits.

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