YoYoTech launches hand-crafted, engraved and water-cooled PCs

Written by Edward Chester

October 30, 2013 | 15:46

Companies: #yoyotech

YoYoTech has entered the super-premium PC market, unveiling a new highly modified, water-cooled system called the XDNA Aurum 24k.

As its name suggests, the system centres around a gold theme with almost the entire thing either finished in black or gold. It is also heavily modded with right-angle water-cooling used throughout, acrylic panels fitted to cover up all the untidy bits and custom laser-cutting used to add that final flourish.

With a price tag of £7,979.79, it's no surprise that YoYoTech offers plenty of customisation options too.

The build itself is based on the Corsair 900D case and at its heart is an Intel Core i7 4960X that has been overclocked to 4.4GHz+. This is accompanied by an Asus X79 Deluxe motherboard and two Asus GTX Titan graphics cards. Essentially it packs all the top hardware you'd expect.

YoYotech describes the system as, "Hand built in the UK our goal was to design a boldy crafted desktop which stands in a class of its own."

The announcement follows not long after another UK system builder, Overclockers UK, entered the same high-end PC market with its 8Pack systems, which are designed and built by the UK's top overclocker, 8Pack. Its systems start at around the same price but top out at a whopping £10,000!

We certainly like the look of both YoYoTech and OverClockers' systems. Here's hoping they're still around when we've saved up enough to buy one!

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