Tranquil PC teases MonoOne silent AIO

September 22, 2014 | 10:17

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Silent computing specialist Tranquil PC has teased an upcoming all-in-one design dubbed the MonoOne, combining a passively-cooled computer with a high-quality display in a single package.

Clearly designed as an alternative to the Apple iMac, down to its curved aluminium foot-stand, the MonoOne borrows much from Tranquil PC's previous experience with building monocoque PCs from solid billets of aluminium. The PC itself, which is expected to use a low-power Intel Core processor variant, is integrated into the rear chassis of the display and includes VESA mounting points for the removable Apple-inspired desktop stand. Fins machined into the aluminium block itself provide the cooling required by the processor and other components, with nary a fan or air vent in sight.

To the front, the MonoOne appears to be a relatively standard monitor - albeit one with neatly curved corners and a larger-than-average bezel. Resolution has yet to be confirmed, but if the system launches with less than a Full HD (1,920x1,080) display panel it would be a major surprise. Sadly, Tranquil PC is playing its cards somewhat close to its chest with this launch: full specifications, as well as details on the internal components and whether or not the system will be easily user-upgradeable post-purchase, have yet to be announced while the company finalises its design ahead of launch.

For now, a short teaser of the product and a pair of cut-down images showing off the design are available on the company's official website, where the company can also be contacted to be alerted when the system launches.
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