Sony denies Lenovo alliance rumours

February 3, 2014 | 10:12

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Sony has denied claims that it is looking to partner with Chinese technology giant Lenovo, following analysts' concern that its TV and PC business arms are struggling in the face of continued market decline.

Lenovo is no stranger to buying its way into new markets: the company shot to fame in 2005 when it agreed to purchase IBM's consumer and business PC division - including the rights to the well-regarded ThinkPad line - followed by the company's x86 server division early this year. Lenovo has also recently acquired Motorola Mobility from Google, a move to help the company expand its smartphone and tablet offerings. These acquisitions have been undeniably successful for the company, which now enjoys an easy first place with an 18.1 per cent share of the global PC market.

Thus, when news reports surfaced this weekend that Lenovo was to acquire, or at least acquire a licence to, Sony's ailing Vaio line of laptops and desktops it seemed a logical move for both companies. Sony, however, says that the rumours are false.

'A press report on February 1, 2014 stated that Sony Corporation is discussing with Lenovo Group the possible establishment of a joint venture for the PC business,' a company spokesperson confirmed in a statement to press on Saturday. 'As Sony has announced previously, Sony continues to address various options for the PC business, but the press report on a possible PC business alliance between Sony and Lenovo is inaccurate.'

The denial doesn't, you'll note, completely rule out a deal between the two companies - only stating that leaked details are 'inaccurate' - nor does it suggest that Sony isn't looking to offload the Vaio arm somewhere as it concentrates its efforts on its smartphone, tablet and games console divisions.

Lenovo has not commented on the report.
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