Internet 2 P2P gets the smackdown

Written by Brett Thomas

November 17, 2005 | 09:26

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The winner of bit-tech's news submission competition, MrWillyWonka, shares this missive on file sharing...

The past few months have seen the entertainment industry, with cooperation of local authorities, get tough on file sharers. bit-tech's news articles name but a few- eDonkey closes and Man arrested for sharing files.

Now another network has closed, one which is not used across the globe using the internet, but one using the Internet2 in Universities across the United States. 207 Universities in the US are connected with the Internet2 - it is a research network for the super fast internet connection, and not surprisingly, students have taken advantage of this high speed connection to share files across the network. As students represent a high proportion of file sharers in general, it's no surprise that this has happened.

i2Hub is the software used by the students to share their stuff, and they have been transferring some 99TB of files each single day across the states, acording to the entertainment industry. Add this up to the entire year, we are talking a lot of millions of dollars of lost revenue.

A lot of the time, P2P software require users to accept an agreement to not to use the software illegally, a way around the legal problems associated with P2P software. But this no longer works:

"Its determination to shut such networks down received a legal boost in the summer when a US court ruled that peer-to-peer networks could be held liable for inducing or encouraging piracy...

"Despite the legal wins, file-sharing remains huge with an average of 9.2 million users using peer-to-peer networks in October, according to online analysts BigChampagne".

More from the BBC.

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