OCZ controls games with your mind

March 17, 2007 | 10:50

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The absolute hands down coolest thing we’ve seen at the show has to be OCZ’s Neural Impulse Actuator, which allows you to control a game through the power of thought.

The Neural Impulse Actuator is a simple strap that goes around your noggin (head) and beats the traditional image of having thousands of probes and wires coming out of you like some crazy Frankenstein experiment.
We're all used to wearing headphones, so is that really that much different? Sure, sweatbands died (thankfully) in the ‘80s, but OCZ could well be bringing ‘em back.

Neural activity creates electrical pulses that can be detected by electrodes in the headband. The NIA separates three classes of neural and “myographic” signals into “electro oculographic, electro encrphalographic and electromyographic signals”. The brain, eye and facial activity signals are decoded by the external box and combined in a way that can be read as unique commands by the PC.

Whilst the guy demonstrating still had to use the mouse to control where the character looked, he was still able to control all actual movement, changing weapons and firing entirely through the strap.

OCZ tells us that it is expecting to release the Neural Impulse Actuator within the next twelve months – could we be seeing the future of LAN gaming with rows and rows of gamers strapped in by thought alone? Has laziness reached a whole new low or is this the future of PC interaction? Discuss in the forums.

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