NVIDIA to launch G80 by November 8th?

Written by Tim Smalley

October 11, 2006 | 09:24

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NVIDIA recently sent out a newsletter to its Club SLI members, unveiling the company's plan to launch its next generation GPU and chipset at a LAN party in the second week of November.

The email details plans for GeForce LAN 3, which is set to take place on November 7th and 8th in the San Fransisco Bay Area. It starts with the following teaser:

"In 2004 NVIDIA hosted GeForce LAN and launched the GeForce 6800 in front of 300 gamers.

In 2005 NVIDIA hosted GeForce LAN 2 and launched the GeForce 7800 in front of 400 gamers.

Next month, NVIDIA hosts an unprecedented 600-person, 2-day LAN party, and will launch its next-generation gaming platform!

Following the link at the bottom of the email takes you to PDXLAN's site, we were greeted with more details:
  • Witness the launch of NVIDIA's next generation Gaming PLATFORM (GPU and MCP together!)
It seems that NVIDIA is telling its loyal fans that it will not only be launching its new flagship GPU, codenamed G80, but also its next-generation chipset too. If you're out in that neck of the woods and fancy getting involved in NVIDIA's launch celebrations, head over to the GeForce LAN homepage and register your interest!

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