NVIDIA won't be dropping prices before Christmas

Written by Wil Harris

October 14, 2005 | 14:32

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NVIDIA has told partners at a recent conference in Amsterdam that it won't be dropping its prices on 7800 series boards before Christmas.

It also told them to expect a 7800 'Ultra' with 512MB, very soon.

The Inquirer reports that the man in charge of GPU sales at NVIDIA, Roy Taylor, gave a presentation in which he mentioned he doesn't consider ATI to be competition. Yet.

The X1800 is a worthy competitor to the GT, but costs as much as a GTX. The XT is a worthy competitor to the GTX, but isn't available yet. The 512MB version of the GTX will be available, sources told us, in December.

ATI has a good mid-range card, by all reports, in the X1600. NVIDIA doesn't have a 7-series mid-range card, and so has launched the new 6800 GS card to compete. The cards compete in the $250 range, where NVIDIA has previously had the 6600 GT - a slower card than the X1600.

NVIDIA has already had some hefty price drops on its 7-series cards because they've been out for months already - this is why ATI's cards look comparatively expensive. NVIDIA don't see the need to drop their prices any further, and we can understand that. However, look for both sides to release a volley of new SKUs to cover every price point possible before Christmas.

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