Nvidia's G70 runs cooler

Written by Wil Harris

May 9, 2005 | 12:43

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G70 is a step backwards - for heat

There is a report over at the Inquirer this morning that the G70, Nvidia's successor to the 6800, runs a lot cooler than its predecessor.

Whilst the 6800 Ultra uses a dual-slot heatpipe cooler, the G70 will only need a single slot cooler - finally making the high-end card suitable for small form factor PCs.

The Inq suggests that some Nvidia partners might already have seen cards, and we can confirm this - high-ranking types were invited over to the US last month to see the new Nvidia card, and told us that it looks really rather good.

Nvidia, however, isn't in a hurry to release the card. It holds the dominant marketing position right now, with SLI the fastest graphics system on the planet. It is going to wait to see what ATI does before making its next move.

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