As widely expected, today NVIDIA have unveiled the next card in the GeForce 7 series, the GeForce 7800 GT. Younger brother to the mighty GeForce 7800 GTX, the new GT has four fewer pipelines - twenty - and is clocked at 400MHz core and 1000MHz DDR (500MHz) memory.

However, as we have seen recently with the 7800 GTX, certain board partners are increasing these speeds and offering guaranteed (and crucially, warranteed) boards. BFG's retail board, for example, is clocked at 425MHz / 1050MHz, and XFX have even pushed their cards to 450MHz / 1050MHz.

Both cards come with 256MB of memory, and like their faster sibling, you can take two cards and join them in SLI for a speed boost. Expect to pay around £300 (US$449) per card, though as stock beings to flow and early demand is satisfied, we're sure you will find some cracking deals in all the usual places.

All other NVIDIA partners will also have their own versions: MSI, Gainward, ASUS, Leadtek and others.

Naturally our very own graphics guru, Tim Smalley, has been putting cards through their paces all week - our thanks go to BFG and XFX for supplying those. How quick are they? You will have to read Tim's group test to find out for yourself. Let's just say it doesn't disappoint.

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