Nvidia gets 70% DX9 marketshare

Written by Wil Harris

May 3, 2005 | 11:22

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Nvidia currently owns 70% of the high-end graphics market, says California-based Mercury Research.

Mercury surveyed the figures from the first quarter of this year, January to March. A strong showing from Nvidia's GeForce 6 cards, as well as the unpredicted success of its SLI technology, have given it a strong headstart.

ATI, for those of you who can't do the math, came in at 30% of the high-end market with their X800/X700 series of cards.

ATI suffered in the first quarter of the year by having their most popular high-end part, the X800 Pro, crippled with 12 pipelines. In contrast, for the same price, the 6800GT flew off the shelves, due to the high performance offered by its full 16 pipeline architecture. The recent Valve Steam user survey suggested that the 6800GT was the most popular current-generation card, although ATI have the two most popular cards overall, the 9800 and 9600.

Between just those two cards, ATI have 20% of CounterStrike players. In contrast, the 6800GT is 2.53%.

ATI expects its DX9 shares to rise over this quarter, with better availability of the X700 and a better high-end product, the X800XL, which is, in many cases, cheaper than the 6800GT and better performing. See our X800 roundup.

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