Nvidia warns of Shield Pro hard-drive failures

September 14, 2015 | 14:29

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Nvidia's Shield product family has been hit by another recall, this time covering the company's recently-launched Shield Pro micro-console - and at a time when it was poking fun at Apple's refreshed TV box, too.

The original Project Shield was a one-year project to create a hand-held gaming platform built around Nvidia's Tegra mobile processor. Boasting an unusual form-factor - basically a display bolted to an Xbox-style gamepad - the original Shield led to the Shield Tablet in a more traditional form-factor and the Shield, a confusingly-named micro-console which takes the technology from the original hand-held and repurposes it for living-room use.

Sadly, the Shield family has not been without its problems. The company's troubles began with a mechanical failure delaying the launch of the original design, while more recently Nvidia was forced to recall Shield Tablet units following the discovery of a bad batch of batteries that could lead to a potential fire hazard during charging.

The company's latest recall, thankfully, is less serious. Detailed in a customer support thread, the flaw can be linked to a faulty batch of spinning-rust hard drives supplied with the new Shield Pro micro-console. Not affecting the original SSD-based Shield, the company claims that it has so far diagnosed the flaw in less than one per cent of Shield Pro units - although that doesn't mean there aren't more of the faulty systems awaiting diagnosis, of course.

The timing of the recall is somewhat embarrasing for Nvidia, which recently fired a PR salvo at Apple over what it claims are shortcomings of the new Apple TV device compared to the Shield and Shield Pro. Oddly, 'has a faulty hard drive' was not one of the features used for comparison.

Nvidia has confirmed that anyone experiencing hard-drive failure in the Shield Pro units can contact customer services to arrange shipment of a new console and return of the faulty unit.
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