Nintendo and Greenpeace continue fighting

Written by Joe Martin

December 13, 2007 | 09:47

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Nintendo and Greenpeace aren't the best of friends and just a few weeks ago Greenpeace rammed this home by singling Nintendo out as one of the worst polluters in the industry.

Nintendo didn't like that, not one bit. Miyamoto and Co. sent out a press release outlining their position on the matter.

"Nintendo is surprised by the content of the Greenpeace report. Nintendo takes great care to comply with all relevant regulations on avoiding the use of dangerous materials, recycling of materials etc. For example, all Nintendo products supplied worldwide are designed to comply with relevant global standards." Spiels the press release.

"In order to certify that Nintendo products comply with standards for hazardous chemical substances, Nintendo has established the Green Procurement Standards, which require our component suppliers certify that any parts including hazardous chemical substances should not be delivered, and Nintendo fully controls its products in the company."

Greenpeace couldn't leave it alone though and has sent out a reply to the reply, explaining why Nintendo sucks so much.

"The Greenpeace ranking criteria score companies on what they are doing beyond what is required by legislation. This is not a law enforcement ranking Guide - we are looking for environmental excellence...Green procurement standards are a start. However other companies publish their chemical policy to allow independent assessment by customers. If Nintendo has this policy it should include all chemicals of concern and be public about it to their suppliers and customers alike." Sayeth the Hippy.

Greenpeace went on to say that if Nintendo really wants to improve then they should start trying to phase out all toxic chemicals and implement a global recycling policy.

Where do you stand on the topic of climate change versus computing? Do you feel guilty every time you look at your DS, or does your PS3 cause you to carry on regardless? Let us know in the forums!
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