New Powerbooks might use Freescale

Written by Wil Harris

August 15, 2005 | 08:49

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Apple tends to update its product lines once every 6 months or so, and it's well known that we're due an update to the Powerbook line some time in September.

Of course, Intel chips won't be ready to go in Macs then, so this will be an update that uses existing PowerPC technology - and will possibly make these the last Powerbooks before the Intel switch.

The INQ is suggesting that these new laptops will use a new Freescale processor to power them, up to a maximum of 1.7GHz (the current models run at 1.6GHz) with a better heat profile than the current models.

Since most people will be holding out for Intel models, Apple needs to sweeten the deal a little bit. It's suggested that a higher resolution TFT screen will be in the offing - Apple's current 15" widescreen model is a paltry 1280x854. That could go up to something rather higher, in line with Windows models.

There's also likely to be a pretty good price incentive, too, with new models coming in relatively cheaper.

The laptops will likely be snapped up by those Mac fans who are upset at the thought of having to use Intel, and will be sticking, for as long as possible, to the fastest PowerPC chips they can get their hands on.

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