Alienware launches new case

Written by Wil Harris

August 10, 2005 | 18:22

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Kick-ass creators of high-class systems, the meisters at Alienware, have come up with a new chassis design to address those who think their full-tower cases are just too big.

In the past, the Alienware tower chassis, which you can see in our review here, has been accused of taking the space-alien theme a little too far, with suggestions that it could happily carry 3 men into the earth's atmosphere without burning up, such was the hefty-ness of its materials.

Well, listening to its public (who said they wanted something that looked a little bit more... sane) Alienware have introduced this case, which sports the famed Alienware build quality, whilst being a little bit smaller. The case has three 5.25" bays and four 3.5" bays, as well as front audio and USB sockets.

It has a sliding door which, rather than opening on a hinge like a traditional case door, err, slides.


Alienware claim cutting-edge thermal design, whilst also integrating sound dampening material. To us, those two are mutually exclusive, but we'll be interested to see how the new case measures up in both these respects when it hits our test benches soon.

In other news, Alienware has the GeForce 6800 ULTRA Go chip available for its range of gaming notebooks - just in time for i25 and QuakeCon, too. In the meantime, gobble up the pic below, and head over to Alienware to have a play at configuring a system.

Like the new design? Think it sucks? Let us know in this thread in our forum.

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