ATI World's largest Master Card

Written by Tim Smalley

May 20, 2005 | 14:58

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We have just learned some interesting information regarding ATI’s upcoming multi-VPU dual graphics architecture that we believe will be showcased at Computex in two weeks time.

It appears that the card required to make everything work, known as the Master Card, is set to be longer than a GeForce 6800 Ultra, while it is also set to be longer than its own AGP Radeon X800 XL, which features ATI’s RIALTO PCI-Express to AGP bridge chip. It’s possible that it could breach in to Voodoo 5 5500 territory as the world’s largest consumer video card. If this is the case, the card will be longer than a standard ATX motherboard.

There are still question marks over the availability of the all-important Master card form ATI’s board partners, as it requires the partners to ship multiple versions of the same product. As far as we know, the Master card cannot run in tandem with another master card, which means that board partners will be forced to carry both Master and Slave versions of each chipset.

We talked about the requirement for an external cable to connect the two video cards together last week, and we also had some more thoughts about how the architecture is going to work here.

The MVP architecture appears to be quite a complex piece of technology, and we’re sure we will learn more about the technology surrounding it over the next couple of weeks.

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