MSI's P55 motherboards have a "V-Kit"

July 2, 2009 | 14:43

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Sneaky moles inside MSI today revealed to us that all MSI's latest P55 motherboards - top to bottom - will feature a new "V-Kit", allowing the end user to check the voltages of the motherboard with a multimeter while you game or benchmark.

Long have enthusiasts asked for such a feature, and it's already appeared on certain ultra premium boards like Asus Republic of Gamer, Foxconn Quantum Force or EVGA, but this is the first time a manufacturer has included the feature across an entire range.

Generally multimeter readings are far more accurate than in-BIOS or in-OS readouts, as it can take factors like vdrop and vdroop into consideration to show the actual voltages being applied to the silicon.

It also allows up to two of the CPU voltage, vtt, memory and P55 chispet voltage points to be checked simultaneously because of the access to separate grounding.

Check the pictures below to see what it will look like on the final product, and also the "essential" YouTube video.

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MSI's P55 motherboards have a

MSI's P55 motherboards have a

MSI's P55 motherboards have a
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