MSI announces two-month warranty extension for March 2020

Written by Jennifer Allen

March 16, 2020 | 15:00

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Is your MSI warranty expiring this month? MSI has just extended that warranty period by two months in a goodwill gesture tied to Coronavirus. 

It's a somewhat unusual move, but we can't be too cynical about the good nature behind it. The two-month warranty extension covers all of MSI's all-in-one desktops, desktop PCs, motherboards, monitors, and cases. Weirdly, though, its laptops and graphics cards aren't included in the offer. 

The warranty extensions are mostly automatically conducted, but you do need to meet a few requirements. Besides having one of the products listed above, you need to be enrolled in the MSI Rewards Program, your warranty needs to expire in March 2020, and you need to reside in one of the following 20 countries or regions - South Korea, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, USA, Switzerland, Singapore, UK, Hong Kong, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Australia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Malaysia, Belgium, Canada.

It doesn't take a detective to realise that those 20 places happen to be some of the regions most seriously affected by Coronavirus. Notice the lack of China? That's because MSI already has an independent program there, which tackles the warranty issue separately. 

MSI has explained that it wishes to ensure that its 'valued customers don't have to worry about anything other than their health and safety.' It's a nice move if you happen to need a warranty replacement during this time, but there are benefits for MSI too.

Notably, it means the firm doesn't have to worry about dealing with warranty returns during an extra stressful time for everyone, and at a time when it may be struggling to keep on top of manufacturing in China. It's also quite substantial great PR and marketing. After all, tech developments are a little thin on the ground right now for good reason, so what better time to look good than now? 

Still, whatever the reason for MSI's plans, it's hard to be too cynical and down on it. It's the kind of move that we'd hope to see more companies embrace if problems continue. Although, maybe next time, include all products including things like laptops, eh MSI? 

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