Habey launches Ion 2 mini-ITX motherboard

October 11, 2010 | 12:25

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Mini-computing specialist Habey has unveiled its latest creation, a mini-ITX board based around Nvidia's Ion 2 - and it brings full HD decoding to the platform.

The company has previous experience in this market, specialising in teeny-tiny computing systems for embedded platforms, but the MITX-6564 is possibly its smartest release yet: powered by a dual-core Intel Atom D510 1.66GHz processor coupled with an Nvidia Ion 2 GPU with 512MB of dedicated graphics RAM, it's a surprisingly powerful beast given its diminutive size.

Available as both a do-it-yourself board and in a variety of different housings, the new board is designed to bring multimedia features to embedded computing systems. The Ion 2 certainly helps with that, with Habey claiming that the system is capable of decoding full HD 1080p video despite the somewhat weedy CPU.

The system, as you might imagine from an embedded computing specialist, is designed to draw a bare minimum of power from its 12V DC power input jack; around 21W. The MITX-6564 is also available in a fanless configuration with Habey's IceFin cooling system, although the default model uses a centrifugal fan to keep things cool without adding to the thickness.

The remarkable slimness is the board's main selling point, in fact: the ENT-6564 media player, which teams the MITX-6564 board with 2GB of DDR2 RAM and a 250GB hard drive, looks at first glance to be nothing more than your average SoC network media player, but crams a full x86 system with 16 CUDA-capable stream processors into its svelte design.

The standard design measures just 165mm² and is a mere 23mm thick and has with two mini-PCIe slots, an HDMI output, a separate D-sub port that can be used simultaneously. It also includes an S/PDIF port and analogue audio jacks, a gigabit Ethernet port, two internal SATA 3Gb/s ports, two external USB 2 ports and four internal USB 2 headers, along with the RS232 serial header required of embedded computing systems.

While the company won't be selling the boards directly, instead targeting 'resellers, system integrators, and major retailers,' more information is available on the official product page - along with a video demo of the board in action.
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