EVGA demos automatic overclocking, shows off new PSUs

June 6, 2018 | 11:50

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EVGA has revealed new overclocking features coming to its motherboard BIOS that will debut in an update to the X299 Dark due to be made available in July.

The first is a built-in stress tester that is said to be similar to a Prime95 torture test and that overclockers can use to test the stability of their clocks without having to load the OS every time there’s an instability-related reboot.

The second is an extension of this and is called OC Robot. This gradually increases the all-core overclock and voltage while monitoring temperatures to achieve a stable and safe overclock. Naturally, this won’t be as high as manual tuning will achieve, but it’s clearly novice-friendly.

Elsewhere, we saw the new Super G7 PSUs, which will be available in September in capacities ranging from 650W to 1,000W. They are rated at 80 Plus Gold or Platinum. The highlight is a 17 percent size reduction compared to the previous G3 series, which comes as a result of a new Leadex platform from OEM SuperFlower. One positive is that the cost will also come down, although by how much wasn’t confirmed.

EVGA also used Computex to show off a new extreme overclocking method called 'Roboclocker' which fuses liquid nitrogen – traditionally poured onto open pots that are fastened onto CPUs – with ideas from closed-loop cooling. The loop isn’t actually closed, but you can see the promotional video embedded below for a sense of what’s going on.

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