Chaintech to return to motherboard manufacturing

June 7, 2012 | 09:37

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Chaintech, a Taiwanese company which withdrew from the motherboard market seven years ago, has declared its intention to return in foreign markets - including Europe.

Chaintech was once an up-and-coming player in the hardware industry, having produced a well-regarded range of affordable motherboards for both retail and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers. A few years ago, however, the company slipped out of sight: the last time it had anything interesting for us to report was at CeBIT 2004, and in 2005 the company announced its withdrawal from the motherboard market altogether in order to concentrate on more profitable ventures.

That's a decision the company has apparently come to regret: in a brief interview with TechEye early this morning, Chaintech marketing manager Candice Yu confirmed that the company is looking to return to the motherboard market internationally following successful trials of its latest products in China.

Currently, Chaintech's ATX, mATX and mini-ITX motherboard products are sold exclusively in China and Taiwan after an attempted move into memory modules didn't go according to plan. With sales proving swift, the company is feeling confident about reentering the international market and told TechEye's Mike Magee that a Europe relaunch is on the cards as soon as a supply chain can be established.

It would be a return to form for the company, if true: before it announced its strategic withdrawal from international motherboard sales in 2005, the company was a major player in Europe - especially in the mainstream OEM sector - and worked from a distribution centre in the Netherlands.

Chaintech's Yu claimed that numerous different products would form part of the launch, including original design manufacturer (ODM) parts for rebranding by other companies, and hinted at a partnership with ColorFly for ODM-themed home theatre PC products.

More competition in the market is typically a good thing for consumers, but it remains to be seen if Chaintech is to concentrate wholly on the mainstream motherboard market or branch out into premium boards aimed at enthusiasts, gamers and overclockers.
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