More details on Microsoft's iPod killer - Argo?

Written by Brett Thomas

July 11, 2006 | 16:42

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What do the Titanic, the Bush Administration, and now Microsoft all have in common? Very, very big leaks. Microsoft has never been one to keep its corporate mouth shut, but it has been particularly dodgy about the existance of its new handheld media player line, which we are now informed is code-named Argo.

We already knew that the device (or devices?) was supposed to be a WiFi-enabled media player, but now we also know a little bit more. Apparently the Argo is being captained by Microsoft VP J Allard, and is going to be released under the Xbox brand. Of course, this raises immediate speculation as to whether playing music is all the device is meant for. Being an Xbox product could mean that MS has decided to enter into the handheld gaming market, which would put Sony's PSP in the line of fire as well as Apple's iPod.

Of course, much of the potential is speculation at this point - and none of this info is confirmed - but more might be said at the Microsoft financial meeting at the end of the month, where the company will discuss its fourth-quarter results and how to bolster its rather unmoving stock price. Clearly, announcing more details of a product aimed to competently take on two huge new areas (and their respective leading brands) would have that effect. If not, expect the official release shortly after, as the product is rumoured to be in stores by the holiday season.

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