ViewSonic launches 25" and 32" FreeSync monitors

July 19, 2017 | 13:15

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Display specialist ViewSonic has announced the release of two new monitors aimed at gamers, one featuring a curved panel and both including support for AMD's FreeSync variable frame rate technology.

Designed, the company claims, with gamers firmly in mind, the two new ViewSonic XG-family monitors nevertheless occupy very different niches. The first is a 25" display boasting a 240Hz native refresh rate; the second is a 32" 144Hz display featuring a curved panel, the first time the company has made such a design available for purchase in the UK.

'Inspired to meet the very specific needs of the most demanding gamers, we developed these new XG monitors with a wide range of options that represent the difference between winning and losing,' crowed Posen Wang, managing director at ViewSonic Europe, of the two new products. 'The XG2530 and the XG3202-C monitors are standout products in our XG range and offer users the pinnacle of gaming performance, delivering the stellar, stutter-free action that competitive gamers demand.'

While the two monitors differ dramatically in design, size, and refresh rate, there are more similarities than differences. Both displays have a native 1,920 x 1,080 (Full HD) resolution at a 16:9 aspect ratio, to start. Both also boast integrated support for FreeSync, the variable refresh rate technology developed by AMD and which helps to eliminate screen tearing and create smoother motion.

Both monitors, the 25" 240Hz XG2530 and the 32" 144Hz curved XG3202-C, also share matched pricing: ViewSonic has confirmed that it is setting the UK recommended retail price for both models at £399 (inc. VAT), allowing gamers to choose between curvature or high refresh rate depending on their personal preference rather than budgetary restraints. Full details are available on the XG2530 and XG3202-C product pages.

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