Samsung €3,600 6-Screen Eyefinity6 Kit

Written by Clive Webster

May 17, 2010 | 10:47

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In a corner of the demo room for AMD’s new Vision laptops was an Eyefinity6 setup based around six Samsung screens with thin bezels. The screens had clamps and connectors to attach them together and an AMD representative told us that the screens and the stand would be sold as a kit for around €3,600.

This may seem a lot, but considering that the unwieldy scaffold that we used for our Eyefinity6 preview was a pain to use and yet cost around €600, it’s not too excessive. The screens used top-notch IPS 24in panels, so €500 a piece is merely pricey rather than exorbitant.

Unlike the kit we used for our preview, we saw hinges to keep the screens together while tilting and moving the screens, and the same AMD representative that helped us with our setup said that working with the Samsung kit was a lot less hassle.

This is hardly a surprise, as our initial demo kit used two uprights with two beams. Each beam held three screens via a ball-and-socket joint. This meant that there were issues when aligning the two beams to have no gap between the two rows of screen, and also that the screens on a row often had gaps. It was usually a case of knocking the screen a bit this way and that to minimse the gaps, but we never got the screens aligned perfectly.

Samsung €3,600 6-Screen Eyefinity6 Kit Samsung €3,600 6-Screen Eyefinity6 Kit
The Samsung Eyefinity6 kit has bolts and hinges for the thin-bezel screens, which means no gaps between screens and easy setup.

The Samsung kit, with its hinges and connectors doesn't suffer from this issue. The thin bezels of the screen also ensure that much less of the image is 'lost' if you apply bezel correction. However, the gaming demo that AMD/ATI had set up used a three-screen Eyefinity setup, while the Eyefinity6 demo showed Google Earth - possibly a tacit admission that Eyefinty6 isn't really for gaming.

Samsung €3,600 6-Screen Eyefinity6 Kit
Eyefinity6 certainly makes an impression.

Unfortunately we have no idea when the kit will be on sale, or any details about pricing in the UK or US. In the meantime, let us know what you think of the Eyefinty6 kit in the forums.
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