Dell unveils curved UltraSharp U3415W

September 2, 2014 | 11:41

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Dell has announced plans to expand its UltraSharp monitor family with a large-format curved display, boasting a 3,440x1,440 ultra-wide resolution.

Taking its cue from the rising number of curved TVs on the market, and following numerous leaks over the past year, the Dell UltraSharp U3415W uses the increasingly popular 21:9 aspect ratio to provide more real estate than the more usual 16:9 or 16:10 monitors on the market. To distinguish itself from rival ultra-wide panels, the UltraSharp also features a subtle horizontal curve throughout its entire 34" diagonal display panel - something its proponents claim increases immersion and its detractors deride as little more than a gimmick.

Dell is clearly hoping that buyers of the new curved UltraSharp will pick up more than one: as well as using two matched panels in its promotional imagery, the company is boasting of ultra-slim bezels to reduce the annoying gaps between displays when set up in a multi-monitor environment. The rear of the monitor includes HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2 and Mobile High-definition Link (MHL) for smartphone and tablet connectivity, while the front packs two 9W speakers.

Sadly, although Dell is to showcase the display at the IFA event later this week it has so far steadfastly refused to provide even a hint as to pricing. It has, however, indicated that the UltraSharp U3415W will be available globally in December following a Chinese launch in November. Full details of the display have yet to be publicly published on Dell's website, and will likely appear only after its formal IFA unveiling.
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